Living in a digital world, we’re used to the instant gratification of getting what we want when we want it. You can order a driver, lunch or even a tutor via an Uber-like app.

How we enjoy entertainment has also changed, thanks to on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and ShowMax. No adverts, no need to wait a week for the next episode to stream, and no need to be home at exactly 8pm to see your favourite series. If your internet connectivity is fast enough, you can enjoy TV at your own pace – even pressing pause when you need to.

The latest on-demand pay-TV player to hit South Africa is called DEOD (or Digital Entertainment on Demand).

Like Netflix and ShowMax, DEOD offers a choice of on-demand TV. With many popular shows already available at launch (think Mad Men, Suits, House and more), DEOD will also have first-run rights for Power, Black Sails and Survivor’s Remorse. It also features a variety of new programmes aimed at kids.

For now, you can watch DEOD only on phones, tablets and laptops, but they’ve said smart TV applications (plus Chromecast and Airplay support) will be launching in the next few weeks.

Like ShowMax, you can rent movies on DEOD. Prices range from R18 to R30, and the selection includes classics, Nollywood, kids’ titles and new cinema releases.

What makes DEOD different? Besides the variety of super-niche sports streaming channels, it’s the variety of pricing and subscription options. Currently, there are seven different subscription types which work around what you’re actually interested in.

Only watch sports and news? You’ll pay R129/month for a sports pack of five world sports streaming channels, including the Motorvision motorsports channel, Sportskool, Channel Edge HD extreme sports, Fightbox HD, and the Nautical Sailing and Boating Channel.

Work crazy hours and only have time to catch up on TV on the weekend? There’s an option for a weekend-only subscription with DEOD’s Friday-to-Sunday bouquet.

What’s great is that DEOD will let you chop and change as you change your personal preference.

If you’re looking for an alternative to DStv, DEOD is definitely worth investigating. It’s a great mix of live streaming channels, on-demand content and movie rentals, which means everyone will find something to watch.