By Jess Binns, Project Consultant Catherine De Vincenzo, Property Coordinator Judy Fogarty, Photographer Chris Baker

Situated on one of Durban’s top golfing estates, this house, like all the others, adheres to the strict architectural guidelines of the estate. Step inside, however, and that conformity falls away to reveal a stylish, contemporary, open-plan space.

For this young couple, the house needed to suit their modern lifestyle. Working closely with a local interior design firm, the owners successfully manipulated the internal layout to create zones that flow seamlessly from one to the other.

“Our goal was to create a modern interior that also felt warm and homely,” explains the owner.

At the base of the scheme, neutral tones and natural textures provide the backdrop for more modern elements that give the interiors its edge. There are textured wallpapers in most of the rooms, their tones of grey and charcoal adding an air of sophistication. A ceiling bulkhead runs the perimeter of the main living area, with feature lights strategically placed to highlight different zones.

Playing an important role in the home is the audiovisual system. “The lounge and bar are my favourite areas in the house. I love having people around, as these spaces integrate so well. I love how the sound system brings both rooms into one.”

The outcome is a beautifully tailored interior, and a stylish sanctuary, offering time out for the owners from their fast-paced lives.