Kitchen spaces are ever-evolving. Here are some current kitchen ‘looks’ and ‘feels’ to ponder…

The muted palette – White will always be a winner when it comes to kitchens and grey had its time in the sun last year. Now, subtle and calming neutrals are featuring more prominently (think variations on beige and stone, as well as earthy shades) as they offer a soft base to build on. For a touch of sophistication, jewel tones – such as emerald, sapphire, ruby-red and shades of gold – are popping up here and there in the form of splashbacks, pendant lights, appliances, upholstery fabrics, window treatments and other finishes.

Beyond borders – More and more interior designs are now streamlining kitchens to converge and blend in with living spaces. So a muted palette (as already mentioned), makes it easier to marry the kitchen with the main living areas in the home, to create a feeling of openness, connection and flow.

Sleek and clutter-free – Along with muted palettes and blending kitchens into living areas, comes slim and seamless cabinetry (with hidden handles), tucked-away appliances, clever storage and clutter-free worktops and surfaces.

‘You’ on display – Keeping your kitchen clutter-free and muted in colour doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It’s also important that your taste and individuality is put on display. From a bright-blue kitchen clock on the wall, next to your windmill art, for example, to open shelving displaying your cookbooks or quirky cow collection, or a colourful rug in front of the sink, it’s the ‘in thing’ to personalize your kitchen too.

Smart kitchens – This is easily the biggest kitchen trend right now, with state-of-the art appliances, kitchen apps and automation technologies taking centre stage. For instance, bulky fridges are being replaced with smaller versions where they’re needed (a counter-height, fresh-produce fridge in your prep island, for instance). Built-in coffee machines, touch-activated taps and multiple-use appliances that are smaller and easier to maintain than their bigger, energy-guzzling counterparts are also set to become the norm. Imagine using your smartphone to programme your washing machine from the office or preheat the oven before you get home from work – that’s where things are headed.

Glass and wood accents – Glass is making a big statement, from feature windows in interesting places and shapes, to coloured glass and mirrored accents. Wood features, wood-look floor tiles, timber cladding, natural wood finishes, as well as the introduction of repurposed wood as tables, seating, countertops and shelving, is also very popular.

Living greens – From beautiful floral arrangements to growing leafy herbs and other plants, bringing living elements into your kitchen space is a must for 2017.

What are some of the current kitchen trends you’ve noticed? Share them with us…