Not content with the limited supply of original mid-century pieces, the team at Delos have developed their own collection of furniture inspired by this timeless era.

Under the creative direction of Craig Hathorn and Carmen Matthysen, Delos’ custom handcrafted furniture collection includes sofas, dining chairs, armchairs and consoles, all intuitively designed and crafted using the same principles reminiscent of the time.

The console tables brilliantly combine different materials ranging from leather, hides, studding, differing timber finishes and an assortment of mismatched handles, resulting in an aesthetic unique to each.

The middle of the 20th century continues to inspire decoration and design in brand new ways within our modern interiors.


Mid-Century Modern Inspired Sofa – 1,6m R20 520, 1,9m R22 800

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Console – R9 120

Delos Stained Mahogany and Linen Wing Back Chair – R6 840

Delos Mid-Century Modern Inspired Sofa – 1,6m R20520, 1,9m R22 800

Delos Mid-Century Modern Inspired Dining Chair – R3 990 each

Delos Linen Button-back Sofa – R28 500 (2,2m)

Delos 1960’s Style Armchair R9 120