Amuse and delight your family and friends by displaying your favourite art pieces in a variety of creative and unexpected ways.

  • Mismatched art

    Displaying a collection of mismatched art is quirky and fun. The neutral colour palette, combination of textures and pops of yellow give the room an understated and comfortable feel.

    Design tip: Create a subconscious sense of ‘visual tension’ by displaying art in groups of three. This will allow you to highlight specific aspects of your home.

    Image: Decor Dots

  • Casual elegance

    A grouping of framed paintings and photographs that casually rest against a mantelpiece, work well in this pared-down room. White walls and ceilings and exposed wooden trusses are the perfect backdrop for the interesting elements featured in the space.

    Image: Ashe + Leandro

  • Wooden shelves

    A minimalist wooden shelving unit can beautifully showcase a collection of artsy memorabilia. The strong angular lines, monochrome photographs and decor pieces convey a sense of cool masculinity without going over the top.

    Image: Ashe + Leandro

  • Modern marvel

    A piece of ultra-modern, abstract art has both a feminine and masculine appeal. A pink and grey colour scheme is calming and sophisticated. Pink adds a warm touch to an otherwise cool space.

    Image: Digs Digs

  • Colour me happy

    Vivid, contemporary artwork helps home owners to achieve a modern space without the feeling of being cold or clinical.

    Photograph by Michelle Harth

  • Golden allure

    The golden hues of the canvas complements the lit coals of the fireplace, and organic looking floor-lamp.

    Photograph by Michelle Harth

  • Mirror magic

    In this room, an unusual mirror becomes the art and one of the key focal points.

    Photograph by Nic Baleta

  • Classic design

    Are you a fan of classic art? A beautiful painting of a tulip enhances the elegant feel of this bathroom and complements the old-world charm of its claw-foot bathtub.

    Photograph by Fiona Barclay-Smith

  • Overlapping frames

    Try overlapping frames to create an unusual art display.

    Image: Style & Grace

  • Retro cool

    A fun geometric print, hanging planter and polka-dot bed set gives this room a funky and retro feel.