2016 interior design nods to a wholesome, organic lifestyle. It sees an emphasis on eco sustainability, a vague indoor/ outdoor divide and a widespread use of neutral colours, natural materials and minerals. Bathrooms and kitchens specifically are inspired by nature, and draw from its source. The striving in totality is for calm, uncomplicated living that promotes comfort and peace of mind.

Eco & sustainable: Sustainability is at the heart of design in 2016. Recycling, repurposing, reinventing and reusing are forefront in consumers’ minds as they strive to find new uses for old things, and reinvest in pieces they will enjoy for years to come. Following on from this ethos, artisan goods and local finds are trending; basketry, weaving, and crochet mixed with vintage and mass produced goods are an inspired look.

Bringing the outdoors in: An abundance of lush vegetation is on trend, with a particular emphasis on environment and nature in bathrooms and kitchens. There is also a relaxed use of outdoor furniture indoors, and indoor furniture outdoors.

Natural materials: A strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble while widespread use of cork, wood, stone, and raw concrete endures. Minerals are also in; watch for big chunks of quartz and unpolished semi-precious stones in décor and accessories. In 2016, designers will be unafraid to mix materials and patterns, and to layer different textures.

Bathroom: In 2016, the bathroom takes inspiration from the spa with a focus on the bathroom as a relaxation area where, in addition to the basics, we read, listen to music and pause. To promote intimacy, comfort and tranquility in this setting, seating areas- from single chairs to benches- are being thoughtfully installed.

Colour: A more neutral colour palette with bold, statement colour combinations are in. Using neutral colours like beige and cream as starting points- for couches, rugs and armchairs – and then adding vivacity and interest with strong, more vivid accent colours in decorative accessories like vases and paintings. Geometric patterns, a mix of metals and metallics and hard textures like cement and wood will also be popular. Additionally, this year bed linens are bold and colourful – taking a break from classic starchy whites.

Image: iStock