Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t need to be as tedious a task as you may think. With a few simple touches, you can transform a once dull bathroom into a space you’ll take every opportunity to escape to for some much-needed ‘me time’.

Storage with style

It’s so easy for counter tops, medicine cabinets or drawers to become cluttered in the bathroom, especially for us women who tend to spend all our time there. Whether a half-finished bottle of nail polish or those empty plastic bottles that you’re certain you’ll use again at some point, the products you keep on your counter seem to spontaneously multiply before you know it! A storage upgrade in the form of a vanity, cabinet or a wall-mounted box shelf is a great way to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape, and a beautiful addition to a bathroom in need of an upgrade.

Add life with accessories

Adding accessories like soaps, fizzy bath bombs and beautifully crafted containers to your bathroom is a cost-effective way of upgrading. A nice plant, or any bit of greenery, adds some unexpected life to a bathroom and thrives in a steam filled room. Adding a simple light feature helps create the perfect mood and can be a simple yet elegant addition to your bathroom. Lush towels and aromatic candles are also a great addition that allows you to bring a pop of colour to a plain white bathroom, making time alone that much more enjoyable.

Tiled to perfection

Replacing your bathroom tiles is a sure way to give your bathroom the upgrade you both deserve! Choosing a calming colour on the walls – like shades of grey, blue, green and purple – can give your bathroom a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Your tiles can have as much colour and pattern as you like, but stick to a plain shower curtain if you go with colourful tiles. A tiled counter is another option to consider when revamping your bathroom – it resists water, costs a lot less and is easy for DIYers to install.

There’s no need to shell out hundreds of rands creating your perfect bathroom. All it takes is a little thought and a few clever suggestions courtesy of Tile Africa, and you can upgrade your bathroom into a space that’s just for you.