Kate Shepherd, creative director of events design company Something Different and online furniture store Something Desired, brings us her favourite home décor trends.

The ink spill

A focal wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or, in fact, any big, bold space in your home has always been a big trend. We are specifically enjoying the “ink spill”. Whether in a trending colour or just one of your favourite palettes, this fascinating texture creates quite unique patterns and depth of colour through the fading, the darkness and light, and the fact that it doesn’t have to be over the entire wall. It’s a contemporary and cultivated DIY look that is so hot right now.

Image: Milexa

Blue Ash

There are so many fashionable colours at the moment, all in this tone, from warm, spicy mustards to muddy blushes. All of these colours have one thing in common: warmth. Our favourite is this Blue Ash, adapting the standard grey into more of a cosy denim look. This colour is very high-end, yet looks superb in both gloss and matte finishes. It could be full walls of colour or accents of Scandinavian pieces. This colour is perfect paired with greys, but also textures such as concrete and cork, or even made more colourful with rich jewel colour touches.

Image: Nelly Rodi


In this world of office blocks, technology and confined spaces, we long for the feeling of fresh, healthy, happy spaces. Greenery in the form of structured modern vases and formal plants, all the way to overgrown jungle is now a necessity, not a nicety. Homes are getting fuller and fuller with this bright colour and “living” décor, not only giving better air quality, but adding interesting textures and shapes. Bathrooms and living rooms are the easiest places in which to implement your growing décor, but any room can have added vivacity by throwing in a few beautiful greens. They can hang, be freestanding or mounted on trellises. Multi-angle transformations and constantly developing ornamentation create the perfect urban jungle.

Image: Pop & Scott

Concrete and metallic

We just love concrete; it makes a strong statement in the home. It can feel a little cold or industrial to some, so adding a touch of metallic, brass, copper or gold can really warm up the piece, allowing it to pop against the pale grey backdrop – whether these be large concrete installations of stairs or kitchen islands, or pretty tables, side tables or sinks. The feature is super-sophisticated and elegantly sleek.

Image: Comfy Dwelling

Terazzo marble

Marble is always in fashion, but now the “Wes Anderson” feel is taking centre stage. Fragmented marble shards cast with other items such as glass or other marbles really bring a fresh look to floors, walls, tables or rooms. We love the colours they bring to the space; there are many different varieties, and you really don’t need much else but this Terrazzo as a feature. This finish is trending in top restaurants around the world, art installations, designer garments, and has now made it into decor accessories. It’s perfect for adding unique texture to the home.

Image: Marmoreal


From sun-kissed verandas to special reading nooks or lazy spots in your quiet zone in the house, everyone needs a special space, and daybeds achieve this. Nestled in window arches, out at the pool or even underneath your favourite tree, a custom or elegantly chic daybed is the perfect piece. Some of these can be seen online at Something Desired.