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Stair Art

Manufacture & installation of artistic staircases and balustrades

Gracious grandeur

“Comfort together with luxury was our ultimate goal."

Conversation piece

The innovative suspension of beautiful chandeliers over pedestals expresses a warm glimmer in bedrooms.

Bush chic

“We wanted to design a functional family home that made the best possible use of the surroundings,” the home owners explain.

Blissful boutique

The original house, made from thatch, was built in the 1950s.

Free flow

This luxurious space has not been cluttered but instead uses clean lines with a seamless flow for a calming ambience.

A modern masterpiece

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…every room emits an undeniable sense of opulence…

Tuscan luxury

Undisputed sophistication and glamour

Sunshine on glass and steel

both a visual and tactile feast in every sense

Heartbeat of the Caribbean

With its unparalleled beauty and year-round vacation opportunities, Jamaica is an ideal tourist destination – with over one million visitors flocking to the island every year.

Scenic living

Situated within an immaculate estate, surrounded by the beauty of nature with nothing but miles of rolling green lawns, clean, fresh air, a pristine and well-kept equestrian centre, its not hard to see why the residents of this home selected this area.

Haven of Tranquillity

Seamlessly fusing with the picturesque views that effortlessly embrace it, this abode is timeless in its appeal.


This estate boasts never-ending grasslands, sweeping ocean views and tranquil pockets of coastal forest, stretched out across 430 hectares of rehabilitated farmland.

Family view

This impressive dwelling was built on top of a hill, making the most of the nearby forest to one side and the ocean on the other.

Apart from the rest

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The spaciousness throughout the apartment is enhanced by the use of natural tones.

Practical splendour

This well planned and well constructed abode cannot be pigeonholed into a specific style.

Pure Bliss

Characterised by a 3km stretch of coastline and a 320 hectare coastal forest, Blythedale is an absolute feast for the senses.

On Golden Hill

The most suitable solution to convenient living for this family was maximum interior flow, seamless outdoor entertainment, as well as a safe environment for children to enjoy the abundance of fresh air.

SA Home Owner

SA Home Owner