We all have that lust list of pieces (big or small) that we long to have in our homes. Interior designers are no different, and we caught up with four creatives who shared the items they currently covet…

Founder of interior designer company Larger Than Design, Liezel Viljoen, has had her eye on the Rockefeller Coffee Table from Mobelli Furniture + Living for a while. “My personal style is modern classic. I like the style of the Rockefeller; it is timeless, elegant and sophisticated. I like the two-tone colours and how marble and steel complement one another so effortlessly. As you can see it’s very sophisticated,” adds Viljoen.

Rosanne de Castro, a co-founder of the interior design agency Slab Studio, has been looking to expand her crockery collection, and when she spotted the Porto Crockery collection from Haus by Hertex, she just knew. Porto Crockery, as suggested in the name of the stoneware collection, is made in Portugal and is available in four colourways that reflect this season’s biggest colour trends. De Castro adds: “A single ‘dinner’ plate will work great as a serving plate or as a decorative display tray too. I simply love the softness of the colours and that it’s so fitting for a summer spread!”

Known for her modern approach that oozes sophistication, interior designer Bianca Suttner of Dolce Vita Designs in passionate about her Portuguese heritage, and when she came across this metallic cork wallpaper from Élitis (supplied locally by St Leger & Viney) she quickly added it to her growing list of must-haves. She explains: “Portugal produces about half the world’s output of commercial cork, and its exports over recent years have accounted for around 70% of world trade. Cork is an extremely light, compressible, elastic and flexible material, practically impervious to moisture, and to liquid and gaseous substances. It has a very high coefficient of friction, is a poor conductor of electricity, sound and heat, and has an exceptional shock-absorbing capacity; it is also proof against most chemical substances and has virtually unlimited durability. With all these exceptional qualities it is not only a phenomenal product, but reminds me of home, my Dad and my Grandma.”

Bringing exciting design to the friendly bay of Port Elizabeth, Dicey du Toit of The Collection Studio, an interior and product design studio, is looking to add the Graphic Sofa to her home. “The Graphic Sofa is a two-seater mid-century designed piece that makes for the perfect conversation piece. It promises to elevate any space from your bedroom to an entrance hall to an upmarket boutique hotel and even an art gallery. It truly is the epitome of our philosophy on product design where furniture should be seen as not only practical but as a work of art in its own right. It is once-off original artworks done by Anico Mostert, a young artist from Cape Town. The combination of Anico’s work on the textured natural linen with the red velvet against the African Mahogany makes this not only an heirloom piece but a signature design to treasure.”