By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Glynis Kearney, Project Coordinator Marlize Du Rand, Photographer Nic Baleta

A palette of greys and neutrals makes this home an elegant backdrop for the home owners’ beloved art collection. The apartment, with its city-wide views, represents a move to a “simpler” lifestyle for the owners, who found that the roominess of their previous house – although enjoyable – meant that much of the space was unused.

That said, they didn’t want their new abode to feel any less spacious. They therefore reconfigured the apartment to make it more airy: all rooms now lead on to a large balcony, and only the entrance hall lacks an external view. The original master suite and dressing room, previously separate, have been joined to create a peaceful space, “reminiscent of being in the penthouse at a high-end hotel”, they say. This feeling is enhanced by the top-quality finishes used throughout the home – everything from wallpapers to fittings speaks of sophistication, to create a cocoon of luxury.

Other changes were intended to modernise the house. The once “poky” rooms have been opened up so that, together with the lounge and dining areas, the house issues an open invitation to relax.

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