The outdoors needn’t be reserved for summer. The best way to give a patio or veranda a wintertime reboot is by viewing it as another room in your home – not a stand-alone area. “It’s important that your alfresco area flows into the rest of the home,” advises Elmari Myburgh, buyer and interior deigner at Incanda Furniture. It’s all about creating cohesion and comfort.

Dressed to impress

Sometimes preparing your outdoor space for winter is as simple as bringing indoor comforts outside. Whether it’s creating a comfy nook to soak up some afternoon rays or warming up your patio, a few tweaks can transform any patio into a wintertime retreat.

Solus Decor

A fully upholstered lounge suite

According to Alon Sachs, Mobelli Furniture + Living co-founder, “A fully upholstered lounge suite with a few scatter cushions and throws is a great way to warm up an outdoor space and make it feel more inviting in wintry weather.”

Riva outdoor lounge suite, available from Mobelli Furniture + Living.

An outdoor heater

An outdoor gas heater is a must-have, says Myburgh. “This way, you can walk into a space and immediately feel warm and comfy, no matter the temperature.” Visible-flame gas heaters draw attention and create an atmosphere like a campfire.

Falo Evo gas heater, available from Mobelli Furniture + Living.

Add a rug

“Outdoor rugs instantly transform any patio into an outdoor room,” says Sachs. Plus, it adds a layer of warmth and a softer feel to tiled areas.

Coloured rugs, such as the Red Cream Patchwork outdoor rug, are on trend. Available from Mobelli Furniture + Living.

Framing your view

In winter, your garden is mostly viewed from the patio, so plan each space for maximum impact.


Layers of light

Creating the right ambience with lighting can make all the difference to enjoying your outside space on chilly evenings.


Pot luck club

According to Helia Smit, horticulturist at Cape Garden Retail Nurseries, containers brimming with winter-flowering blooms add instant interest, colour and texture to your patio. “You can easily create a beautiful focal point by simply adding a few carefully selected pots.”

Remember, your patio is an extention of your home. “The colour, texture, style and look of your pots should go with the décor and colours of your patio and interior spaces,” advises Smit.

Room to bloom

Smit’s top annuals for winter colour include Primula malacoides (Fairy primrose), Calendula officinalis, Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon) and Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William).

Diantus – Life is a Garden