By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Anine Ehlers, Photography Karl Rogers

Set within an eco-conscious and natural estate, the stand that the home is built on guarantees a holistic experience for the body, mind and soul.

The architectural design of the home gives way to an H-shaped dwelling and this provides for spacious areas that are decorated to display unique characteristics that are attractive and compelling in their appeal.

The entertainment areas are situated downstairs with large stacking doors that connect the inside spaces with the outdoor garden and pool area. “The guest bedroom is also situated on the bottom area while the rest of the bedrooms are all tucked away upstairs,” explain the owners. From a design and decorative point of view, all of the bedrooms are “insanely” spacious, with en suite bathrooms and their own massive closets.

The decor theme of this gracious home incorporates items that the couple has collected over the years including antique furniture pieces, natural Bali-style cabinets, artworks collected from overseas travels as well as a few pieces of contemporary furniture.

An abundance of natural products including wood, stone, cement, steel and brick were also incorporated into the home’s design. “Paint choices were layered to give spaces dimension, dropped ceilings were accentuated with correct lighting and finishes were carefully chosen to complement our design elements,” add the owners.

When it came to the external treatment of the home, the style of the architecture shows off a contemporary abode with an industrial twist that is reminiscent of being in a large barn.

Justin Barker Architects (072 240 3119 ) Architect Justin Barker, of Justin Barker Architects, provided the owners with 3D models throughout the design process to facilitate and communicate design ideas ensuring that both he and the clients were on the same page at all times.BLSD PROJECTS ( 082 788 9599) As the main building contractor of this home, BLSD Projects was responsible for overseeing the entire construction process and ensuring that this project was meticulously undertaken with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The company handled the construction of the home, pool and pergola and was in charge of the finer details and final finishes.HENNPOS GLASS AND ALUMINIUM (012 653 3004)A member of AAAMSA, Hennops Glass and Aluminium manufactured and installed the sliding doors that slide into cavities with louvre sliding doors on the outside for privacy and ventilation. The company also installed the aluminium top and side-hung windows and doors and the vista folding door that features in the patio area. Stijk Projects ( 082 360 4072)was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of various stainless steel products that are found throughout this impressive home including the balustrades (inside and outside), the water feature and pergola, the pool steps, the staircase, the two bridges that run across the home and the vanities in all of the bathrooms. The company was also responsible for the fabrication of the dining room table.Justin Barker Architects( 072 240 3119)Working closely with the home owners Justin Barker, of Justin Barker Architects, created this imposing home that serves as the ideal haven for its residents. Great lengths were taken in the design and coordination of architectural elements and this ensured that the detailing around the home remained simple and clean resulting in comfortable and liveable spaces.SUMMER SUN POOL COVERS(012 653 6651)Imported from the USA and supplied locally by Summer Sun Pool Covers, this automatic pool cover from Cover Pool Inc – called the Auto Save T3 Pool Cover – not only enhances the security around the pool area but adds to the aesthetics of this space as well. The fully automated cover covers and uncovers the entire pool in less than a minute. The pool cover has been specifically designed for safety purposes and is made using a grey-tinted vinyl fabric which ensures durability and visual appeal of this product.Justin Barker Architects“From an architectural point of view, it is all in the detail”. This is the firm belief of Justin Barker, from Justin Barker Architects. It is through this philosophy that he has managed to ensure a successful rate of client satisfaction on all of the upmarket residential projects that he has undertaken. The well established architectural company currently handles residential, commercial and industrial projects for discerning clients and developers with broad-based portfolios. Justin believes that clients are becoming more educated in the principles of good design. He adds: “If we as architects build on this enlightenment and educate our clients further, we are in for a bright and bold architectural future.”