By Svenja Gernoth

“With the influence of global ‘green’ awareness, inspiration is taken from natural wood colours, tones of green and hues of blue,” says Ludi Szabo of Eurofit.

Wood is also always popular, and Lilly Botha of Country Style Kitchens adds that darker woods such as mahogany are definitely dominant and since these have a very soft grain, they can also be stained in many different shades. Neutral colours such as white, cream and grey are in high demand at the moment and Chantelle Edwards of SieMatic Kitchens suggests coupling these natural tones with a man-made granite worktop.

The safest way of incorporating colour into the kitchen is through colour paint, accessories, splashbacks and worktops, and Chantelle further states: “It’s advisable to be slightly conservative with your choice of cabinet colour and rather be bold with the elements of the kitchen that you are able to change easily.”

In terms of paint, Nadia Botha of Midas Earthcote explains: “Enamel-based paint is especially designed for bathrooms and kitchens, but one is not limited to enamels, and Earthcote actually has a range of products including Pandoma, Distemper and Antiquing liquid, and washable acrylics which also come highly recommended.

Karen Tearnon of The Singing Palette Art Co. further stresses that acrylic paints must be sealed, and goes on to note that Plascon Velvaglo is also a great alternative as it is very durable. Paint techniques are also a great way of adding texture to walls or cabinetry, and if applied by a professional, these can provide a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

High-gloss finishes are also very trendy, especially when clean lines and symmetry are incorporated and Chantelle adds that another poplar trend is for worktops to be the same colour as the cabinetry but with a slight shade difference.

Don’t be afraid of colour as these can be mood-enhancing and perfectly complement your home’s ambience – but consulting a professional in terms of which palette would best suit your environment and needs is never a bad idea!