Lighting control solutions have proven to offer a number of benefits, including the ability to reduce lighting energy consumption and increase the functionality and control of lighting in a particular building or home. However, the concept has always been limited by the time and cost involved in installing such solutions. Until now that is – The Lighting Warehouse now stocks an affordable and easy-to-install wireless lighting control system – Qwik-Switch.

Says Leon Nel from The Lighting Warehouse: “Designed and manufactured in South Africa, Qwik-Switch may be used in a wide variety of applications, from a single lighting circuit to your whole home. Energy-wise lighting, building remodelling and retrofit projects can now be completed quickly and effectively without all the wiring hassles. Qwik-Switch is a great solution for any installation where running wires is difficult or expensive. Virtually anything that turns off and on can be controlled by the Qwik-Switch solution.”

What is Qwik-Switch?

Simply explained, Qwik-Switch is a wireless lighting control system comprising a selection of wireless transmitter plates (or switches) and receivers that allow users to control lighting in a number of different ways.

Leon explains how the system works: “A receiver is connected directly to the power point feeding each light point in the ceiling, ensuring that it is out of site for a more streamlined aesthetic. The transmitter plates, which look like wall switches, transmit commands to the receiver wirelessly via digital radio communications, which control the light.  The switch plates are flat and lightweight, meaning that they can be easily installed anywhere necessary via double-sided tape or if the surface isn’t suitable, via small screws.”

The switch plates use standard batteries to operate, which should last for up to two years, depending on usage. The fact that they are battery-operated means that these switch plates are safe for use in bathrooms and other traditionally wet areas. The Qwik-Switch wireless system is capable of working in excess of 30 metres through walls and floors.  Dimmer models can also be purchased, which can operate up to six down-lights (300W), whereas the standard switch model can power up to 20 down-lights (1000w).

He says that the system makes multi-way switching possible – allowing users to add more than one switch to control the same light, which is useful for a number of applications, such as in a long corridor for example, where you can control the central light from both ends of the corridor. It is also useful for stairways, where you can control the light from the top or bottom of the stairway. Dimmer switches are also available, which allow you to control the intensity of a light in any particular space.

The system also comes with a transmitter plate in the form of a key ring, which can be kept on your bunch of car keys and used to control lights when you are entering or exiting a property. Says Leon: “Being able to control the lighting in your home directly from your car will greatly increase your security when you are at your most vulnerable. It means you will never have to enter your home or place of work in the dark – simply activate interior or exterior lights from the safety of your vehicle.”

Qwik-Switch’s many applications

Qwik-Switch can be used for myriad of applications in and around your home, including:

  • Standard lighting control: Switching locations of conventional lighting and switches is limited, time-consuming and costly. With Qwik-Switch however, wireless light switches don’t need to have wires chased into walls – the switches can be placed wherever the most practical location is, multiple switching is made easy, and scene versatility is increased.
  • Water feature control: Control a water feature from inside your home.
  • Under-cabinet lighting control: Add under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen, even after it has been built.
  • Security lighting control: Control your indoor and outdoor lighting at night, deterring criminals that might be hiding in concealed darkness. You can also use the Qwik-Switch key ring to control your garage door and gate from the safety of your vehicle.
  • Theatre room control: Users can use Qwik-Switch to control the lighting and screen in their home theatres. You can install a Qwik-Switch ScenePad to create scene and mood lighting.
  • Landscape lighting: The wireless technology offered by the Qwik-Switch solution makes it ideal for landscape lighting – allowing users to control outdoor lighting from indoors.
  • Geyser control: Qwik-Switch allows you to control single or even multiple geysers from one location using a wireless switch and multiple relays. Switching your geyser off when you are going away can save you a lot in energy consumption – simply switch it off with a simple touch of a button, and then switch it on again when you get back home just as easily.

The Qwik-Switch is available from The Lighting Warehouse – visit www.lightingwarehouse.co.za to find a stockist closest to you.