Each new year brings hot design trends, and this year is no different. Not only making the kitchen highly functional, this year’s trends focus on ensuring the hub of the home makes a defining statement. We take a look at some of the upcoming trends for 2020.


Top-quality finishes

This year is all about moving towards a designer shop-fitted look and feel, says Selma Zaifoğlu of Linear Concepts. “The appearance of high-quality finishes such as brass, metals, tinted glass and onyx stone will be dominant in kitchen design. Matte finishes are also becoming very on-trend.”

On aesthetics, Zaifoğlu says: “Kitchens are still mostly grey, but more earthy accent colours like shades of beige are being added for a minimalist, natural look, which is both aesthetically pleasing and luxurious without being too ostentatious.”

Linear Concepts


According to Philip Richard of blu_line, the kitchen will integrate more technology serving the functional as well as aesthetic demands made by this space. Richard notes: “The kitchen will continue to develop as a dynamic space that is ever adapting to its own environment.”


Designer details

Eurocasa’s Melanie Steyn believes that some of these details will unfold in new kitchens this year. “Legs are back! We are offering some design concepts where the kitchen has feature elements in the form of exposed legs. This differs from the standard ‘kick-plate’ that we have seen in the last years and adds some exciting flavour to the look. Unconventional cabinetry – we are seeing with our Italian designs that kitchen cabinetry no longer needs to be conventional. Tall cabinetry is shorter, storage cabinets are more like art pieces with functional interior accessories to still offer the form required for the kitchen space. Open-plan units/room dividers/bookshelves – with the open-plan design of kitchens becoming more and more prevalent, room dividers, open-plan units or bookshelves are stunning features to separate areas or subtly divide spaces. We have offerings of these finished in not only the standard finishes but also in aluminium if different colours or with glass partitions. In some of the open-plan options, one can select the backing board finishes from various options including stone-type finishes or wood veneers.”