By Jo Borrill, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photographer Keith Quixley

Having renovated their previous home, the owners of this grand property in the Cape Winelands decided that a new build this time around would be more in line with what they wanted.

“Renovating is just not the same as a new build. We enjoy working on projects and we did most of the planning ourselves,” the owner says. Their previous home is on the same estate, which they didn’t want to give up. “We love the estate. It is small and has beautiful views.”

With the estate being somewhat traditional, they wanted their home to have a modern feel. “We enjoyed the whole process and were very involved, choosing most of the finishes ourselves,” says the owner. Planning alone took 10 months, and included the compilation of a now-treasured project scrapbook of ideas and forecasting.

This extensive property has it all. Built on a slope, a lift sees you down into a mystical entrance hall. “We wanted our property to appear subtle from the outside, thus giving our family and friends an extra surprise as they come down,” says the owner.

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