With the summer holidays knocking at the door, there’s no better time to invest in upgrading your outdoor space to ensure you can enjoy the festivity-filled afternoons that run into late evenings (and possibly early hours of the next day). Nonetheless, we’ve rounded up three trends that can make your outdoor space the ultimate summer spot.


The set-up

Introducing homing and zoning … as complicated as it may sound, these two major trends are further enhancing outdoor living by making the space functional and comfortable. Alon Sachs of Mobelli Furniture + Living explains these movements: “Homing is about making the outdoor space as comfortable as the interiors with rugs, scatters and décor accessories, while zoning is about creating key zones for lounging and dining.” Making absolute sense, these trends can be easily achieved by simply planning your outdoor area before moving around furniture and adding soft furnishings.


Flooring first

Definitely not new, decking is a popular choice that not only adds to the look and feel of the space, but is a durable and weather-resistant alternative. Maretha Scheepers of Eva-Last highlights: “Aside from the potential benefit of it adding value to your home, compared to other structures decking is easier to install. Decking is versatile in that you can install it on a variety of structures that can be designed to meet your needs. There are various deck materials with different looks and styles. Composite has many benefits, including the fact that it is engineered for purpose – meaning that installation can be very easy. Add to that the fact that you only need to clean it every once in a while, you have a flooring surface that is easy to install and easy to maintain.”


Get equipped

The ultimate in modern luxury is an outdoor kitchen and bar and an absolute must if you find yourself entertaining in your backyard quite regularly. Syd Kay-Clough of Syam has observed the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens and bars in modern homes. As he says: “Complete outdoor kitchens where home owners can braai, bake, roast, fry and prepare a potjie are all the rage.” Outdoor kitchens that have built-in braais are perfect for families that regularly round up for a braai. Kay-Clough advises: “Built-in braais offer the drop-in solution with all the advantages of a mobile braai. These units can be installed into a large or a small outdoor kitchen so that the home owner can have a proper preparation area and a food-prep sink with a tap.”