There are many benefits related to automated blinds that aren’t pure convenience and luxury. Curtain Master shares its top reasons for you to consider smart blinds for your home.

Smart blinds are convenient

Adding yet another task to an already packed morning schedule could make you feel overwhelmed before you even step out the door. Additionally, some hard-to-reach blinds need a ladder to adjust, and who has the time for that when watching your favourite show?

Cordless blinds are child- and pet- safe

As a parent, the safety of your child is essential. We install locks on cabinets and secure electrical outlets, but what about the danger of blinds with cords? A child can easily tangle themselves with the cord while playing around, which can be life-threatening. Cordless, motorised blinds offer complete safety for children and pets.

Automated blinds improve security

You can integrate motorised blinds with a smart hub and control them from anywhere. If you work late or travel regularly, automated or app-controlled blinds make it appear that someone’s home, thus protecting your home from intrusion.

Smart blinds protect your furniture

The sun provides natural light and warms up your home, but it can also damage your furniture and decor. Since you aren’t always home, automated blinds enable you to create a schedule where your blinds close automatically during the warmest part of the day to preserve your interior.

Motorised blinds fit in with your aesthetics

Custom automated blinds don’t have ugly hanging cords and complement the interior of your room. You can choose the type of blind, colour and material to suit your unique style.

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