By Guinevere Davies, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Co-ordinator Marlize du Rand, Photographer Nic Baleta

With a tricky stand to develop in one of Johannesburg’s more established suburbs, the home owners were set on making the most of the interiors vs the exterior.

“The traditional South African desire for a massive garden with a house spread all over is a bit outdated in my view,” the home owner says. “We have a small plot with a large living space in order to maximise what’s available.”

To keep their home from feeling claustrophobic, the owners requested open spaces filled with light and warmth. “We asked for an integrated living space where every part of the house can be used and there are no ‘dead’ spaces. A home that provides modern features as well as a canvas to grow – our home was designed to enable the addition of art over time.”

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