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Scenic living

Situated within an immaculate estate, surrounded by the beauty of nature with nothing but miles of rolling green lawns, clean, fresh air, a pristine and well-kept equestrian centre, its not hard to see why the residents of this home selected this area.

Haven of Tranquillity

Seamlessly fusing with the picturesque views that effortlessly embrace it, this abode is timeless in its appeal.


This estate boasts never-ending grasslands, sweeping ocean views and tranquil pockets of coastal forest, stretched out across 430 hectares of rehabilitated farmland.

Family view

This impressive dwelling was built on top of a hill, making the most of the nearby forest to one side and the ocean on the other.

Practical splendour

This well planned and well constructed abode cannot be pigeonholed into a specific style.

Pure Bliss

Characterised by a 3km stretch of coastline and a 320 hectare coastal forest, Blythedale is an absolute feast for the senses.

On Golden Hill

The most suitable solution to convenient living for this family was maximum interior flow, seamless outdoor entertainment, as well as a safe environment for children to enjoy the abundance of fresh air.

Bold vision

The style of this home reflects a combination of Tuscan and South African-styles.

Future investment

As intimidating as the process may be, a renovation can prove to be a beneficial and stress-free experience provided you have acquired the right knowledge and sought the right counsel.

Coastal chic

Natural tranquil blues and crisp pristine whites dominate and permeate this home.

A house for all seasons

A greenhouse is defined by Wikipedia, as “a structure with a glass or plastic roof and frequently glass or plastic walls”.

Coastal bush trophy

This typical African safari villa is situated close to the coastal village of Langebaan, and is less than an hour from the city of Cape Town.

Tea chronicles

The origin of tea dates back well over 5 000 years where legend suggests that Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor, discovered the advantages of tea.

Oak trees and squirrels
10 years ago

Oak trees and squirrels

This typical winelands setting lined with magnificent trees, reflects gracefully on the bygone era of grape-picking farms, where the newly refurbished family home was once a shed used for the storage of grapes.

Bring the cinema home
10 years ago

Bring the cinema home

Defining “home theatre” is difficult, however it can be viewed as an area within the home in which one can enjoy cinema quality audio and visual entertainment.

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