One of the best ways to protect your children from pool accidents is with an automatic swimming pool cover. Unlike other barriers such as fences and nets, pool covers work by isolating the pool water from the pool edge and surroundings.

Such ‘isolation barriers’ are sealed on all four sides of the pool, making it impossible for children to gain access to the water. However caregivers must still be on guard – if the key is left in the key switch a child can still open the cover.

Barriers merely give parents extra time to find a child before pool accidents happen. Nothing takes the place of adult supervision. Certain types of barriers provide layers of protection for children who stray from supervision. Always remove the key from the key switch.

In the rainy season, the water removal pump should be switched on to automatically remove the rainwater on top of the cover for added safety.

But not all safety devices are created equal. So if you are considering any option other than an isolation pool cover, the experts from Pool Cover Pro share some questions you should ask:

a. Does this option isolate the water itself?
b. If the operating key is removed can your child still access the water?
c. What weight can your cover handle?
d. How easy and fast does your other option open and close? (All Pool Cover Pro automatic covers can be closed or opened in seconds with the turn of a key.)
e. Does the other option enhance the style of your pool area?
f. What are the savings benefits of the other options regarding maintenance, water evaporation and heat?
g. What is the cover made of and where is it manufactured?
h. What is the warrantee duration and how long does the cover last after the warrantee has expired?
i. How good is the company with aftersales service?
j. How knowledgeable is the company with not only pool covers but pool design incorporation?

Perimeter safety fences or walls provide a degree of protection in that they at least slow down children’s access to the pool – but curious kids can still get into the area if they really try. The main issue associated with pool fences is that a fence isolates the pool deck, not the pool water – and from a distance, it may be impossible to tell whether a partially closed gate is latched.

Automatic swimming pool covers really are one of the best safety items you can add to your pool.