More and more people are looking at their homes as an oasis from busy lifestyles – a place where unwinding and switching off are encouraged.

Over the years the minimalist lifestyle has been growing in popularity encouraging people to give up the frills. Whether it’s downsizing your wardrobe or even your office desk, getting rid of the excess allows you to focus and relieves even the clutter in your mind. It is no wonder than that minimalist interior is a trend that is here to stay.

Keep it simple

According to Carin van Heerden, head designer at Carné Interior Design, “The minimalist design is defined by one major principle: keep it simple! Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colours and even a bare minimum (gasp!) amount of clothing in your closet. Simplicity is the key to pinpointing this style. And yes! It is here to stay! Why? Because it makes life easier to live and it is so much easier to maintain.”

Carné Interior Design. Photograph by Marcell Meyer Photography

Make it work … even with existing décor

If you are considering trying your hand at minimalistic décor but already have a home full of furniture or décor, fear not. “You can still create a minimalistic look with the furniture you have,” says Blake Matthew, interior designer at Blake Matthew Design. He advises that in order to achieve this look, you should remove any items that resemble clutter and pack away dust collectors. “If you do love lots of décor items but still want a minimalist look, then instead of having five vases scattered around a room, place them altogether on one table to create a statement piece.”

Blake Matthew Design

Use furniture as a grounding piece

When it comes to furniture, Décor Identity’s owner and creative designer Elisha Annandale suggests that you always use the rule of balance. “Have your large piece in the room that grounds the area, then break up the texture in materials with perhaps occasional furniture pieces and then pair this with minimal, smaller accessories.”

Décor Identity

Divide your spaces

Says Audi Snÿman, interior designer of Audi Snÿman Interior Design, the style of minimalism is a design approach that is characterised by austerity and laconism in decoration. “It is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two basic colours. It is extremely important in such design to correctly divide the space.”

Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Key tips for minimalist interiors

These are the top five elements to consider implementing in order to achieve the ideal minimalistic interior space:

1. Colour is key – keep your colours neutral. Colour palettes that comprise mainly beiges, greys and whites should be your go-to.
2. Choose texture over pattern – rather create a tactile experience than having a variety of patterns. Textures add depth whereas patterns can be busy if not selected properly.
3. Stick to clean lines – these not only create a sense of structure but can make a room seem open and spacious, which is the essence of minimalistic interior design.
4. Use timeless furniture pieces – this will allow you to always work around the pieces instead of having to change them as the seasons pass. It will also enable you to have one or two pieces that act as statement items.
5. Quality over quantity – choose just a few great designer items that you will love and can use often.