When it comes to bathroom sanitaryware and products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of items available. We’ve done our research and narrowed the list down to five stand-out products that will make waves in 2019.

Classic Trading

If you’re looking to give your home an opulent facelift in 2019, try the new range of Gessi taps, with coloured and textured finishes that will give you versatility and a unique modern look.

Gessi Taps


DADO has reinvented the realm of bathtub possibilities with the introduction of the ultra-thin rim bathtubs and basins included in their Standard, Compact and City ranges. In line with the global trend towards sleek and minimalist designs, the thin rim of these bathtubs have a slick and modern look.

Rio Bath


Refined simplicity is often created through a combination of different surfaces, textures and colours, in which nuances can make a decisive difference. In the case of Duravit’s XSquare furniture range, this is achieved either with powerful colours like silk matte aubergine in combination, for example, with elegant walnut, or understated linen and classic shades like matte taupe. The elegant and striking chrome profile provides a distinctive frame. It continues the corner radius of the washbasin, creating harmony and at the same time a striking independence.

Duravit XSquare


KOHLER has managed to mimic real rain with the release of its latest shower system. Due to KOHLER’S scientific approach, Real Rain bears impressive similarity to nature with different droplet sizes, different drop rates and random formations that are as natural as rain is non-uniform. With each panel featuring 775 nozzles, several different functions and personalised user settings plus the option to customise these panels in different colours and finishes, Real Rain offers a unique shower experience for everyone.

KOHLER Real Rain

Maharani Tiles & Bathrooms

Hardwood in its raw format is really beautiful but putting it in the bathroom would be a disaster – wood and water just don’t mix. Now you can have the best of both worlds with a beautiful hardwood look that is actually a tile – a trend that is taking the world by storm. Whether you are looking for a dark finish, a light finish or a white-washed coloured tile, the Woodlock Tiles now come in a variety of shades and truly mimic the look of real wood, and are very low in maintenance.

Maharani Woodlock Tiles