By Anna-Marie Smith

The owners of this luxury designer golf estate home are two couples who decided that if they can’t have this lifestyle on a fulltime basis, they may as well enjoy building a stunning home to suit their individual styles and to double up as a guesthouse.

The result is a home of superior architectural design, made possible by a family friend from BW Design, with the interior design and decor undertaken by Carine Badenhorst, both of whom excelled in creating a warm living space.

One essential requirement was for the views from inside the house to be spectacular, and to do justice to the graceful Outeniqua mountains nearby. Another priority was to create focus in all living spaces, selecting the palette of colours most suitable to an area, and by using one major wall to focus outward, a balance was created for the rest of the room.

The house, already a visual feast filled with wonderful works of art, boasts a stunning piece designed by the owner’s sister. This bright-coloured curved glass feature in an aluminium frame was placed in a central position near the front entrance.

From the perspective of convenience, this home features every possible fitting and finish needed to maximise free time while on holiday, such as the contemporary kitchen. Each bedroom suite, apart from all the luxurious drapery and furnishings, boasts an ultra-modern bathroom.

This home, so beautifully planned and finished, from the design to the construction, has undoubtedly given its owners a wonderful environment for the perfect escape.

Carine Badenhorst received her brief for this project as a “blank canvas” in need of colour, heart and modernism – contemporary-style. Working closely with her client, she set out to create a family holiday home as well as a self-catering five-bedroom guesthouse with a homely ambience.

This elegant and practical semi-solid cherrywood kitchen was designed by André Theron of Genro Kitchens and Cupboards. The company has been operating for 15 years and has a professional reputation in the southern Cape for unique designs, quality workmanship and superior finishing, as is evident throughout this beautiful home.

This beautiful shower enclosure was installed by Shower Collection, which not only specialises in the field of frameless enclosures, balustrades and steam rooms, but also has a passion for all that is glass. Shower Collection’s superior-quality workmanship and products speak for themselves – because the best solutions are created through professional client consultations.