The master bedroom is more often than not the ultimate retreat for home owners – a space they can call theirs. Designing this room can be quite an exciting task, so we’ve turned to the experts on this one to provide you with a few pointers if you’re DIYing this project.

Here, five leading interior designers collectively share 10 of their best interior design tips for mastering a main bedroom…

Flooring first

Marc Venter of Marc Venter Interior Design:

1. When considering flooring for a master bedroom it should not only be comfortable to walk barefoot on, but it needs to be in keeping with the atmosphere that the design is creating. Timber flooring, for example, might be an appropriate consideration for a modern room with a crisp atmosphere.

2. The durability of a particular floor finish should also be considered. As a main bedroom generally does not have a heavy flow of traffic, you could consider a lighter shade of carpet.

Marc Venter Interior Design

Basic furnishings

Carin van Heerden of Carné Interiors:

3. From a practical as well as design point of view, it is very important to decide what style the room should take on. From here, the bed is the main piece in the room so figuring out what style and size you want is vital. The support and comfort of the bed you choose is of utmost importance. It is very important to place the bed on the wall opposite to the bedroom’s entrance.

4. Once you’ve decided on a bed and where it will be placed, it’s time to choose the nightstands. Think of the size you want for these, what you need to store in them or keep on top and the height you desire. Keep in mind that nightstands are a great way of adding design and texture to the room (and please note, they don’t have to be the same size). It’s also common for master bedrooms to include a sitting area. It doesn’t need to be big. This can serve as a quiet area where you can read, contemplate, write, etc. Most often, it’s the corner of the room.

Carné Interiors, image by Marcell Meyer Photography

Keep it light

Henna Daya of Nerve Dezign:

5. The first thing I consider when decorating and designing a bedroom space is the natural light it has. A bedroom should be well lit, so if there is minimal light coming in naturally, it is key to add lighting accessories and features into the room that complement the style of the room. Another major point to consider is the intensity – if you go too warm, the room will look yellow, if you go too white, the room will look extremely clinical; it’s important to get the right colour bulbs that will give that soft and comfy feel.

6. When it comes to décor items in a master bedroom, I believe it’s very personal – both with the items you choose to put in as well as the style. Some home owners love their rooms overly decorated, while others opt for the more minimalist and cleaner look, so this all comes down to preference.

Always work with your chosen colour scheme and décor style, but leave the accessorising for last. Use artwork to add personality to your space! It complements and dresses the walls so make sure whatever you choose fits well. To create a really punchy design, add some wallpaper to a wall or more, and layer it with an artwork on top.

Nerve Dezign

Lay it all out

Bianca Suttner of Dolce Vita Designs:

7. Design and layout is key to a functional and beautiful master bedroom. If possible, always have your bedroom facing north-west, and place your headboard and bed on the east side of the room. This will ensure that your room is filled with light from midday to sunset and if you have good views, you could possibly catch the sunset or sunrise. The positioning of your room in the house will also ensure that it is warmer during the winter months without using additional heating elements.

8. I always suggest that there should be enough storage in a bedroom to avoid any clutter whatsoever. Your bedroom should only be filled with items that inspire you or calm you down, the rest must be packed away, so keep this in mind when approaching the design and layout, to ensure a neat, clutter-free and inviting bedroom.

Dolce Vita Designs

Walls and all

Ingrid Meyer of Anita’s Interiors:

9. For walls, I maintain that wall colour for a master bedroom must be timeless, whether painted or wallpapered. I would suggest not too many bright colours. Wallpaper should be textured or have a subtle pattern – enough to make a statement and still enhance the sense of emotion in the bedroom space.

10. My favourite designs utilise a multitude of same-colour painted walls with one feature wall that is perfectly wallpapered for maximum impact. You could go so far as to paint the ceilings the same colour as the walls, which creates a stunning unified background canvas for interior design.

Anita’s Interiors