Bedside tables or nightstands are a bedroom necessity. If you’re looking to update your sleep space, then consider our edit of new finds.

For the minimalist

The Column and Halves tables from Créma Design are super-trendy pieces that offer uncomplicated design for a space that demands simplicity.

Style tip: “The Column has a smaller-than-average surface area, and one should play around with different arrangements of two or three to create a personal style that works for you. The simple style allows for a lot of room to play around with. The Halves table has varying heights built into its form. Position the table so that all surfaces have a useful function depending on where your bed is placed, so as to use the height difference to your full advantage. One idea here could be to use the top surface for decoration – a flowerpot or sculpture, while the lower level is for charging cellphones, books or a glass of water.” – Daniel Boraine of Créma Design

Column table (l), Halves table (r)

Classic at heart

Meet the Normandy and Cadby bedside tables. Adored for their classic appeal, both bedside tables are elegant, providing a sophisticated feel to a bedroom.

Style tip: “Keep your bedside table neat and tidy and not too cluttered. Keep space for books and a lamp to complement the shape and size of your chosen bedside table (be sure to select globes that will cast bright warm light across your room). Add colour with small vases with fresh flowers and decorative frames with photos that capture fond memories of loved ones.” – Sue McCoubrey of Block & Chisel

Cadby table (l), Normandy table (r)

Contrast is good!

Vicky Dockray of LaForma believes that the décor style of everything matching is long gone. “I do feel that this should be pulled through to the bedroom. Two exact bedside tables are not a must anymore. I would use our Elma cabinet on the one side of the bed, and use this at the same time as a drawer unit – we all need more storage in our bedrooms; and on the other side of the bed use the Itta set of three tables.”

Style tip: “I would use the same lamp on both sides; you don’t want to make the room too eccentric. The Elma cabinet allows for plenty, so I’d place some books to read, a painting on one side of the cabinet with a flower that creates a flow between the unit and the painting.”– Vicky Dockray of LaForma.

Elma cabinet (l), Itta tables (r)

An eclectic affair

The mixing of materials has been a design movement that we just love! The Side Table Trunk Storage Gala and Modern Nature from KARE celebrates this aesthetic and can add drama to a bedroom, while avoiding the heaviness of a solid piece.

Style tip: “Bedside tables are usually small pieces of furniture with limited table-top space so styling is usually limited to items you use every day (or night) such as an alarm clock, books and perhaps a carafe for water. That doesn’t mean you can’t add stylish functional items though such as alarm clocks in trending brass or a carafe with matching lid in stylish bright-coloured glass. To create more space for keepsakes and other personal items opt for bedside lights suspended from the ceiling or fitted to the wall.” – Karin Cawthorne of KARE

Modern Nature table (l), Side Table Trunk (r)

Designer details

It’s usually the finer details that have the biggest impact, and when we spotted these two beauties, their simplicity is what spoke to us most. The By Your Side and Hout side tables from Design Store both have a strong design aesthetic that’s fitting for a contemporary bedroom style.

Style tip: “Keep it simple and practical when styling a bedside table. Too much clutter means no space for that glass of water at bedtime or your cellphone.” – Ute Faure of Design Store

By Your Side table (l), Hout side table (r)