By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Ruanda van der Walt, Photography Karl Rogers

Situated on a pristine country estate, this home is a composition of various styles that come together gracefully to provide a wonderful yet comfortable living space.

Working closely with the architect, the owners have achieved a home that not only complements their current lifestyle but affords them a place which they can enjoy for a long time to come.

When looking at the home from the exterior, the marriage of Tuscan and Mediterranean architecture is breathtaking. By incorporating a vast number of pillars and a grand entrance born from a dual marble sweeping staircase, the architect has given the home an authentic appeal that is timeless.

The exterior architectural structure was magnificently enhanced by specialised paint techniques, ample organic materials as well as massive glass panels.
The interiors comprise a blend of Roman decor and angels (both painted and sculptures) as well as modern finishes and hints of the owners’ personal touch.

Choosing quality over quantity has resulted in minimally furnished rooms that are designed to last a lifetime. Although the rooms are minimal in their nature, they are comfortable and welcoming.

Accent pieces such as downlights, a hand painted domed angel ceiling from which hangs an exquisite chandelier, various sculptures and a plethora of angel statues come together in a fashionable manner.

The attention to detail is clearly evident – from the hi-tech appliances to the opulent fabrics and furniture – the time and dedication given to the creation of this home speaks for itself. It is no wonder that when you take a look at this impressive dwelling, you are instantly left inspired.

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