By Jo Borrill, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photographer Keith Quixley

The owners of this property, on one of the most established estates near Cape Town, had been looking to downscale for a couple of years. While that may mean smaller in size, it most certainly doesn’t mean smaller in personality. The home owners and the decorator met a year ago and have been firm friends ever since. “The owners like playing house, so it was fun to work with them,” says the decorator. They buckled down and got things done, resulting in a cosmetic renovation that took a record-breaking seven weeks to complete. “When it came to the décor and design, we seemed to like the same things; however, the decorator opened my eyes to new trends which just worked,” says one of the owners.

The style is modern/classic with some French influence, throwing in a touch of inspiration from Mauritius to spice things up. The décor and colour palette were mimicked by the owners’ sparkling and energetic personalities. An element of excitement was created by incorporating shades of azure and feminine rose, tied together with a prominent thread of black and white, instilling balance. Some of the owners’ furniture was brought from their larger home. “It was quite challenging as the décor and design had to be in line with transforming a large space into a smaller space,” explains the decorator.

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