You’re going to want to throw a party – even if it’s only for those you’re in lockdown with – when you see our round-up of glamorous drinks trolleys.

Choose your décor style

“Personality is key when it comes to bar carts so be sure to inject your own unique style into the creation of your cart. Take your surroundings and home style into consideration before choosing your cart. Choose a complementary style for your cart: if your décor is modern then opt for a minimalist style cart, or if your style is more retro then perhaps a Mid-Century-inspired cart is better.”

– Karin Cawthorne, KARE

Gold Casino Tray Table – KARE

Add something fresh

“Add flowers in a vase or ingredients such as lemons, oranges or even shelled nuts presented in a small bowl.”

– Michelé Stuurman, Carrol Boyes

Mood Drinks Trolley – Carrol Boyes

Enjoy the versatility of your bar cart

“Your bar cart doesn’t just need to be used for serving drinks. It could also be used for tea party – filled with cups and saucers and cakes. You could also use your bar cart alongside your bed with your bedside light, alarm clock and books. Or even consider using it as a display surface in a hallway when not in use for a function.”

– Denise Francklin, Lim

Round Tray Trolley – LIM

Keep it eclectic

“To style a bar cart make sure you have a selection of interesting bottle shapes, colours and labels, together with a selection of the glasses that go with the drinks you are going to serve.”

– Alan Bamberger, Maldini

Cattelanitalia Trolley – Maldini

Layer it up

“With so many different styles to choose from, opt for a trolley that suits your home and the atmosphere you wish to set for the evening. The top tray of your drinks trolley must be home to the basics, which you can use to make any drink: gin, white rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, brandy and wine will be more than enough of a variety. The bottom tray is where you should keep drinks for later on in the night: champagne to be had during the dinner or for the toasts, and port or dessert wine to be enjoyed after the meal.”

– Zara Mendelsohn, @home

Lara Bar Cart – @home

Top tip:

Karin Cawthorne: “Analyse your drinking style too and consider what and how you drink. This together with your storage requirements will inform what you fill your cart with. If you’re a wine drinker, for example, you may want more storage space for wine bottles.”