Storage baskets are a convenient and stylish way to keep your home in order. Discover a selection of our favourite brands.

Clean up the clutter

Use baskets to store any clutter like toys, blankets, unsightly items that are often used (like a tissue box), or use a decorative basket instead of a planter/pot to elevate your indoor plants (just make sure that water cannot damage it).” – Melanie Bekker from @home

Rattan & Metal basket, @home
Simply Stored Storage Basket, @home

Think of the purpose

“Finding the perfect basket depends on the function of the basket. Once you have a clear function, this will then determine the size and shape of the basket. It is also important to remember the space you have available – make sure to take note of the basket size as you want it to fit!” – Cassandra Maffeis from Hertex

Java Basket, Hertex
Tullah Zig Zag Basket, Haus by Hertex

Look for a pattern

“To make a statement feature using baskets in your home, you must keep your eye out for patterns and texture. Some tassels or layers on the basket work really well. Baskets that have two tones are always a winner too.” – Nikki Tyack from Esque

Paloma Basket, Esque
Tassel Basket, Esque

Add texture and colour

“Baskets shouldn’t just be about the practical use that they offer, but should also be about adding texture and colour to your living space. Woven baskets are perfect for texture and contrast. Wicker baskets are ideal for plant storage as the natural aesthetic will enhance the look of the plant (and they’re great for hiding inexpensive pots), plus they will warm up the space. When using baskets to store your blankets or towels in, go for a basket in a similar colour to your floors or walls. These baskets will offer you pops of colour from the items in your basket while preventing the space from looking cluttered.” – Dewet De Villiers from KNUS

Ghana Linear Basket, KNUS
Stitch Lidded Basket, KNUS

Consider your walls

“As gorgeous Binga wall décor, these baskets can really complement the feel you have in the rest of your home. You can keep the designs minimalist or you can opt for bolder patterns. Pack your wall full for maximum statement.” – Tara Nochomowitz from African Creative

Binga Basket Collection, African Creative

Make a statement

“Baskets have been in use over many centuries, cultures, and civilisations. A storage basket is both beautiful and functional with added texture and versatility. Baskets complement many décor styles and could be used as a statement piece in a room.” – Roana Mouton and Adinda Robbertse from iHouzit

Maja Storage Baskets, La Forma (Available at iHouzit)

A basket for every purpose

“Times have changed and you’re probably spending more time at home, so why not use some beautiful, locally handcrafted baskets to keep your spaces neat and tidy? They can be used to store all sorts of things such as blankets, towels, kids’ toys, hair appliances, and other odds and ends lying around. You can also use baskets as pot plant holders to add some greenery to your home!” – Jeanneke Malan from Mia Mélange

Floor Basket, Mia Mélange
Rounded Floor Basket, Mia Mélange