As I flick through my plethora of interior magazines, one common thread that appears time and again is the presence of plants. Reinforced by the latest trend in “tropicana”, we are being treated to oversized palms and jungle-style greenery that inject life and vitality into even the most modest of spaces.

I’m compelled to add planting to every interior I create, be it a family home or a large corporate office. It’s been scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with plants reduces stress, improves your mood, improves air quality and even increases productivity.

You are probably thinking that adding a bit of green is all well and good but every time you purchase a plant you end up killing it. It happens – we are all guilty of neglect or over-care; but there are plants on the market nowadays that cater for the non-green-fingered in us. From low-level light to the high exposure of aircon, if you do your research first, there is the right plant out there for you.

Kokedamas are a popular choice if you are after something a bit different. Taken from the art of the Japanese moss ball, kokedamas add a sculptural element. If this leaves you hungry for plant inspiration, look no further than the urban-jungle bloggers. A group that firmly believe greenery inside your home or office brings happiness and health.

Best wishes,

Jess from Hector and Bailey

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