By Rami Moorosi

The budgeting process of building or renovating is not a straightforward process, as you are dealing with many factors both known and unknown. However, if proper and thorough thought is given to the process, a lot of the stress associated with construction can be alleviated.

Johan Schnetler of Schnetler and Schnetler Master Builders goes on to say: “Remember, building the home of your dreams or making an alteration to your present house can be one of the biggest investments of your life. This raises the question: why take any chances whatsoever?”

A company such as Build Aid specialises in calculating building costs in detail for the residential market. They offer a cost estimation service similar to that of a quantity surveyor, the difference being that it calculates and lists all material quantities, labour costs and sub-contractor rates separately.

Annel Scholtz of Maison Jolie House of Design and Decor, adds that “hiring a professional would be the correct option as they have the skills and knowledge to give you a quality end product. Often doing it yourself may seem the cheaper option, but invariably it ends up costing you more as you have to do the job twice and the finish is never what a professional will be able to give you”.

Upon collection of the finished cost estimate, the estimator from Build Aid for example, will spend time with the client explaining the costs and making sure that the client understands all the detail and terminology used.

Dieter Thöle of Build Aid, concludes: “The cost estimate puts you, the client, in charge of the project, eliminating much guesswork, and aiding in making the project a pleasure and not a nightmare.”

With thanks to Build Aid, Maison Jolie House of Design and Decor, Tower Bridge Project Management, and Schnetler and Schnetler Master Builders.