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By Refiloe Serai-Mzolo, Project Consultant Anthea Verster, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Irma Bosch

It took 18 months to complete this home overlooking a magnificent golf course, but for the owners, it was worth the wait. The first time they walked into their completed house, they were left speechless. “We didn’t have any words to describe the way we felt. It was like we had finally completed a large and complicated jigsaw puzzle. All our dreams for our home had, at long last, come true.”

The spacious, modern, open-plan home, painted in striking white and highlighted with splashes of royal blue on the exterior, was designed and built to maximise the breathtaking view of the golf course. This is achieved through the extensive use of glass, on the balustrades and the grand dining-room table, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the reflective mirrors and surfaces throughout the interior, especially in the kitchen.

Although, when starting out, the couple had no particular theme for decorating the home, they were soon drawn to soft and soothing shades of cream, grey, blue, white and purple. With these calming colours, which complement each other perfectly, they wanted to create “a classy home that was stylish, but practical too”.

Decorative touches, which instantly capture the imagination include a dramatic chandelier in the entrance hall, and glass mosaic feature walls in the bathroom. For these home owners, the casual pyjama lounge was a must. It is where the family can usually be found relaxing or catching up after a long day. And even though they love the overall design of their house, the main bedroom remains their favourite room. “Our bedroom appeals to us most, because that is where our whole family relaxes and where we get to spend quality time together.”