Looking for that perfect gift for a friend, colleague, family member or just to treat yourself? Look no further than these Carrol Boyes best-sellers.

1. Bottle Stopper – at rest. This is the company’s top-selling item. It makes the perfect gift for both male and female recipients, is affordably priced at R275 and comes beautifully packed. These three factors make it the perfect pick-up-and-go item for all seasons.

Bottle Stopper – at rest

2. Bread Bin – loafer. This has become a must-have status symbol in the kitchen. It has a solid wood base and stainless steel and cast aluminium flip-over cover. The Carrol Boyes team sells them as fast as it can produce them at R3 595.

Bread Bin – loafer

3. Serviette Holder – sketchbook. This stainless-steel utility item featuring the typical Carrol Boyes motif of the human form is a must on the dinner table. The design is top of the range and sells for R995.

Serviette Holder – sketchbook

4. Salad Servers – kiss. Another well-packaged gift perfect for a wedding or an engagement. At R695 these salad servers are an easy choice.

Salad Servers – kiss

5. Glass Decanter Set – on the brink. An iconic sculptural piece and one of the best sellers in the range, this perfect addition to any bar is priced at R4 195.

Glass Decanter Set – on the brink

6. Salad Bowl – far reaching. This beautiful salad bowl is crafted in animal product-free new bone china and is perfectly priced at R695. New bone china is both delicate and strong.

Salad Bowl – far reaching

7. Bread Knife – wound up. The pattern of this bread knife is the most popular pewter design and the blade needs no sharpening. Every household requires a reliable bread knife and this designer version is priced at R1 295.

Bread Knife – wound up

8. Salad Servers – woman/man. The iconic Carrol Boyes sculptural salad servers are a must to complement your salad bowl. Pick up this timeless pewter and stainless steel set for R1 695.

Salad Servers – woman/man

9. Cutlery Set – cut above. A well-packaged four-piece place setting, the Cut Above is the perfect cutlery set for your dining table. Build up as your needs require at R695 per set.

Cutlery Set – cut above

10. Business Card Holder – rhino. Proceeds from the sale of this item go to the WWF to help save rhino poaching. At R725 this makes a perfect office gift.

Business Card Holder – rhino

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