Bricks And Mortar

Going potty

Pots and pebbles are the perfect accessory for any modern garden.

Setting the boundary

Boundary walls do more for your property than just keep intruders out, and it is for this reason that you should not only plan thoroughly, but also consult with experts to increase the value of your investment.

To buy or build

In these harsh economic times, are home owners better off buying or building their dream homes?

Summer lounging

Wooden furniture, particularly teak, will always be fashionable

Future investment

As intimidating as the process may be, a renovation can prove to be a beneficial and stress-free experience provided you have acquired the right knowledge and sought the right counsel.

Exceptional exteriors

Many say that first impressions last and since the exterior of your home is the first place people see, now is the perfect time to give this often neglected area a makeover.

SA Home Owner

SA Home Owner