Going potty

Pots and pebbles are the perfect accessory for any modern garden.

Vegging out

Vegetables are an important element in our diets and there is nothing better then enjoying a meal using fresh produce picked straight from your garden.

Savage gardens

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Commonly misunderstood, these types of plants get their nutrients by trapping and ingesting small insects. Carnivorous plants are typically found in habitats where the soil is poor in nutrients, particularly nitrogen.

Bed of roses

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Even when left to their own devices, roses will grow and bloom, but to get the most out of them, a bit of TLC is necessary.

Concrete jungle

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Sun and exposure, water, maintenance and accessibility are other factors that one should consider during the planning phase.

Herbal delights

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Anyone with a kitchen garden will tell you that growing your own herbs is a very rewarding experience.

Water works

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Efforts such as preparing the soil and selecting plants are important, but a healthy lush garden also needs to be watered properly for it to truly thrive.

The green thumbs up

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It is important for your garden to always remain immaculate, so that you may fully enjoy the benefits of outdoor living.

Naturally pleasing

Those who don’t like creepy-crawlies can make use of natural insecticides.

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