Windows of Wonder

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Practical design and finishing elements are what make this home a relaxed living environment.

Tee off

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Large doors and windows open up the home to exquisite views

Mix and Match

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“We took different styles of already built houses and mixed them until we found what we were looking for,”

Stark perfection

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The two open fireplaces in the living area also add warmth and character.

Beautiful, Bright and Bold

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A dream escape from city life, this lovely home offers its owners all the necessary trimmings needed for a perfect holiday.

Mirror to thyself

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Furniture pieces were ingeniously custom-made to make maximum use of available space.

Plett beauty

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An elegant, contemporary-style home where world class views can be enjoyed.

Living light

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The home owners were immediately attracted to this area largely due to rolling green lawns, magnificent oceans views, and the beautiful soothing sound of breakers at their doorstep.

Minimalist beauty

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At this discerning home, where less is more in every sense of the word, the dynamics of the architecture are emphasised because there is little interference with simplistic lines and clean geometric scales.

Free flow

This luxurious space has not been cluttered but instead uses clean lines with a seamless flow for a calming ambience.

A modern masterpiece

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…every room emits an undeniable sense of opulence…

Sunshine on glass and steel

both a visual and tactile feast in every sense

Apart from the rest

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The spaciousness throughout the apartment is enhanced by the use of natural tones.

Practical splendour

This well planned and well constructed abode cannot be pigeonholed into a specific style.

Pure Bliss

Characterised by a 3km stretch of coastline and a 320 hectare coastal forest, Blythedale is an absolute feast for the senses.

SA Home Owner

SA Home Owner