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Creative ways to use wallpaper

Creative ideas for using wallpaper in unexpected ways around the house

Gallery wall inspiration
6 years ago

Gallery wall inspiration

A beautifully displayed gallery wall will inject a massive amount of character and charm into any room

Decorating tastefully with animal prints

How to tastefully decorate with animal print in your home

Updating your home with a small budget

A list of ideas and practical tips for designing or updating your home on a small budget

Adding metallic magic to your home

Tips on how to successfully the metallic decor trend to your home

How to clean 10 household things everyone forgets to clean

How to clean 10 household things everyone forgets to clean

How to start a container garden

All you need to know about starting a container garden

Ten space-enhancing tricks

Ten ideas for enhancing small spaces.

Decorating with candles

Pictures and tips on how to decorate your home with candles

How to choose the perfect Christmas gift

A Christmas shopping guide full of ideas and suggestions to help you ensure that your gift-giving efforts end just the way you pictured them.

Buying and styling a dressing table

What to look out for when buying and styling a dressing table

How to organise your closet

A messy closet can be a royal pain. Things seem to disappear and you always find everything but the one item you are looking for. However, most people find the task of organising a closet a daunting one to say the least, and don’t have the time or energy to spend hours sorting through and folding stuff. Here are a few tips to get your closet organised.

Top interior design apps

A list of apps you can use to help you design and decorate your home like a pro

How to create a cosy home
7 years ago

How to create a cosy home

There’s nothing better than a home that makes you feel warm and comforted as soon as you enter its doors. And by creating a plush, cosy environment you’ll have an endless source of inspiration that will inspire and delight your family and friends

Style your shelf like a pro

Decor guidelines for styling your open shelves and cabinets like a pro

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