Text Tamsin Oxford

For the home decor enthusiast, 2018 has already been a year of sharp contrasts and brilliant trends. In the delectable realm of colour, there are two dominant trends – neutrals and brights – that completely contradict one another. How do you use the two without compromising on style?

We asked the experts and we have these sparkling tips…

1. Miles apart, close together

“Using these hues in the same colour scheme results in a wonderfully intoxicating and eclectic mix,” says Liza Watermeyer, visual display manager, Tile Africa.

Neutral colours are tints and tones of much deeper and darker colours so the “barely there” colour provides an excellent starting point for tranquil, fluid and timeless interior spaces.

Tile Africa

2. Backdrop to beauty

“Using a neutral colour base with pops of bright colours is a great way to show off the latest trends in your home,” suggests Paige Waplington, Redesign Interiors. “Use neutral colours on your backdrops, walls and couches and then use artwork, cushions and decor to bring in pops of colour.”

Don’t be afraid to use a few different colours as the backgrounds to your home, like a warm grey wall with a charcoal grey couch.

Redesign Interiors

3. Live a long life

“Neutrals are a fantastic way to get longevity out of big basics like walls, floors, rugs or even large furniture pieces,” says Kate Shepherd, owner of Something Different. “In the past people would have neutral couches with added accents of colour. I would reverse that this year with bright rich colours on your couches or even a statement chair.”

Break the colour of a brilliantly bold couch or single chair with the neutral colours in the throws, rugs and pillows. Have strong pieces with neutral accents to complement the feel of the room.

Something Different

4. Be bold

“Don’t be afraid of colour,” says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux colour expert. “Always remember that a colour selection isn’t permanent. Look at your home space as a whole and take into account the shades that tend to appear regularly throughout different spaces and focus on using shades that will compliment what is already present.”

Your home will capture so many more gasps of admiration if it is bold in its colour and bright in its approach than if it is just a safe, grey room. Colour is one of the easiest ways to create a sophisticated interior by adding life, personality and the right amount of attitude.