Koziol Pico Bello Crumb Sweeper Koziol Kitzy Breakfast Board and Leaf Salad Bowl with Servers Koziol Salt & Pepper Tree, South Africa’s top online store for all things home related, has recently brought out the koziol range of gift, home, kitchen and bathroom accessories, which blends design and functionality. And we’re in love! The best way to describe this range of German products is fun, bold, cartoonish and cute. Koziol combines design and practicality to create a line of products that will bring a smile to your face.

koziol’s philosophy is, a brush is a brush is a brush. But not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand. It will clean your veggies, serve up your salad and light up your home.

Since the very beginning at koziol, they have designed things they like, things that make peoples lives easier and happier. Every single product is visible, palpable proof of the high art and dedication to detail that they put into everything they create – with a passion.

Kozoil bends bright colours with form and functionality to create this award-winning range. We love this quirky kitchenware.