While films like Minions are wonderful entertainment for the little ones, they can also take a toll on the pocket. Forgetting the cost of the movie ticket and popcorn, chocolate and fruit juice combo for the moment, it is what comes after that really leaves a dent; the Minions lunchbox, water bottle, stationery sets and matching curtains and duvet covers.

Make no mistake, children love giving their bedrooms a cartoon theme, and why shouldn’t they? Minions or Cars or the Toy Story protagonists make them happy, and it means the world to them being able to fall asleep in the company of their favourite characters.

However, it should also be remembered that children are prone to change their minds quickly, and today’s Buzz Lightyear can easily become tomorrow’s Star Wars within the blink of an eye.

With this in mind, parents should consider allowing their children’s bedroom to grow with them as they become older. In other words, the space should be one that can be transformed easily, depending on their interests at the time. Some ideas to keep in mind:

Designate a ‘colour’ wall

Kids love bright colours, the more the merrier in fact. However, as tempting as it is to give them what they want, it can be quite a job having to repaint the entire room every time they are taken by a new favourite colour or combination of colours.

Rather designate a single wall for these purposes. Not only will this save you time on painting, but your child will feel that this is “their” space. Perfect as a creative outlet.

Classic whites, beiges or greys are recommended as base colours. The older the child is, the less likely their predilection for brighter palates.

Furniture should be easy to move

While mountains of stuffed toys will define a young child’s bedroom, more “mature” furnishings like desks and chairs will invariably come into the equation the older they get.

Whatever you choose to buy for them should not clutter the room, and if possible, these items should be collapsible for easy storage.

Odds are that a child will want to redecorate many times over, as their personal interests evolve. That should be kept in mind when making any purchase.

Beanbags are a great idea. Not only do they brighten up the room, but they are ideal for reading a book or watching television during “down time”.


No matter what the age of the child, bookcases are a winner.

The best children’s stories are timeless, so collecting books by a prize author (Roald Dahl immediately springs to mind) is a wonderful pastime.

Even as children get older, they will look back with fondness on the volumes in their bookshelves, remembering how mom or dad used to read to them before they went to sleep.

As your child enters the formative years, you might also want to invest in several bookcases, compartmentalising books according to personal interests and school work.

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