For years Caesarstone has been the go-to name for stone worktops, but granite tops are also growing in popularity. These materials bring liveliness to your kitchen and each provide their own benefits. Both aim to please in terms of overall look and style.

Flamed Zimbabwean Granite Island & 60mm Build up Caesarstone Lower Seating in Statuario Maximus

These days home owners have plenty of options when it comes to choosing countertops, making it easier for you to find the exact look and feel you want for your kitchen. Ideally your kitchen worktop should have a unique style and durability, and require low maintenance.

One of the best reasons to have stone tops is their longevity – their lifetime guarantee is a big plus.

13mm Caesarstone Worktop Application in Dreamy Marfil


Caesarstone comes in a variety of thicknesses, including a build-up from 16mm to 30mm where the stone appears thicker. So one has some options on an island table for example. However thinner tops are becoming more popular as these will remain timeless.

The brand has always provided smooth finishes, but in their recently launched rugged concrete series, they bring a textured look to the stone.

Caesarstone is simply the perfect worktop surface because it is resistant to many wear-and-tear impacts such as scratches and stains, as well as household chemicals. And the best part is its low maintenance.

Flamed Zimbabwean Granite Island & 13mm Worktop with Splashback in Caesarstone Statuario Maximus


Granite is great because it is a natural stone, making it resilient. It is also less expensive compared to Caesarstone.

The application of granite can be done in numerous ways, polished, flamed or honed. And if you’re worried about the porousness, you can relax! Granite can easily be sealed and will retain its natural texture.

Granite is another perfect worktop option because just like Caesarstone, it is virtually impervious. It is resistant to pigment as well as UV rays.

No matter what the interior application may be, Caesarstone and granite will always look as elegant as the day they were installed, and both will be top performers.

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60mm Build up lower seating in Caesarstone Rugged Concrete