By Mari Sciarappa

Choosing the right window treatment can add beauty and functionality to any living space.

Privacy, temperature control, natural light are three vital considerations when selecting which type of window treatment best suits you. From simple coverings to epic swathes of material, treating your windows is not only a functional aspect home owners must consider, but also a decor canvas with creative, beautiful and practical options.

  • Curtains are a popular choice for providing natural light. Choose curtains that you can open fully, or that have translucent sheers and lightweight fabrics.
  • Shutters are also used for light control, as well as moderation of temperature and noise control. Karina Palmer of American Shutters says that “there is no better way to invite summer into your home. The versatility of choosing how much sunlight you want slicing through the louvres is perfect when you want generous doses of light”.
  • Blinds are often the most practical example of regulating temperature as well as adding privacy to a room.
  • An exciting theatrical effect to window treatments comes in the form of Remotorail – a mechanical curtain or roller blind opening device that is operated by remote. AluGro also provides this service, with multiple automated aluminium roller shutters that can be opened with a single remote.
  • Stained glass is becoming a popular trend with window art. Annemien Prinsloo, a designer and supplier of stained glass windows, says that “It is functional in terms of keeping light out, and home owners tend only to cover them with tie back curtains or transparent materials.”

With so many different window treatments to choose from, each room can be given character that is both visually pleasing as well as practical, and will serve any function, from light control to temperature management, noise regulation and energy efficiency. If the window is the eye of the room, let the treatment serve as the perfect final touch.

shutters in white bedroom

Black shutters

White blinds in minimal room

modern blinds

modern blinds

modern white sofa with blinds

sunset from modern home

fold away glass doors

fold away doors