Shopping for a cleaner, greener household has never been easier.

A few years ago, choosing to go green at home meant trying out a number of DIY household hacks. From making non-toxic pastes to clean your oven or shower, to using lemon as a natural exfoliant, or even attempting to make your own washing powder, your must-have all-natural shopping list consisted of vinegar, soda water and bicarb.

But now, thanks to Wellness Warehouse (both online and in-store) and Faithful to Nature, getting everything you need for a non-toxic, natural, earth-friendly house is easy. There are also a number of local – and affordable – brands worth trying out.

If you want to know what goes into your home, and would rather avoid synthetic chemicals and pollutants, here are some brands to look out for.


Mimu is a natural range of baby products that are free of SLEs, parabens, phthalates phosphates, formaldehyde and alcohol, as well as synthetic dyes and fragrances. From a toy cleaner to stain remover, everything in the mimu range is biodegradable and vegan.


Truth is an affordable collection of high-quality natural cleaning products made in South Africa. Formulated from plant extracts and essential oils, they’re carcinogen-free, non-GMO and animal-friendly. Look out for the stain remover and glass cleaner.

Eco Diva

If you’re looking for both skincare and home cleaning, Eco Diva does both. Also, the entire range is organic and completely non-toxic, sulphate-free, vegan-friendly and proudly made in South Africa. We particularly love the creative product names and descriptions – try the Bathroom Bliss cleaner or Lovely Loo toilet cleaner.


Another local brand with lots of products and cleaning know-how – it’s been around for 20 years. Everything in the Earthsap range is naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable. Test the Madagascar vanilla bean air freshener, chlorine-free carpet cleaner, and fabric softener made with lavender and eucalyptus.


When you’re new to green household cleaning products, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing green selection available on-shelf. If you wish you could invest in a single product that does it all, meet Bacterrorist. Made in Cape Town, this guerrilla all-in-one enzyme cleaner is perfect for the office, your home, sinks, toilets, kitchens… anything that needs cleaning.