Woodbender is proud to present the Cala, a dining chair that embodies one of this year’s hottest design trends – low backrest seating.

The Cala’s shape is simplistic yet sturdy and is characterised by a low, open backrest. The seeming transparency of the chair opens up the space it is in, creating a flow in the room that would otherwise be interrupted by a wooden or upholstered back.

The simplicity of the Cala’s design also showcases the timber, especially in the natural ash timber finish as pictured. The ash timber used for all Woodbender products is a blonde wood that has a variety of different tones and details in it which makes each piece of furniture unique. Natural timber finishes, be they in a light or more recently dark tone, are another hot trend to watch. The strength and durability of the Cala, despite the pared-back design, is of the same standard as all Woodbender furniture. The bracing ring below the seat and bentwood component parts ensures a product that will stand the test of time.

Although it’s a versatile chair in every sense of the word, it’s hard not to picture the Cala in a contemporary, open-plan dining space where clean lines and simplistic silhouettes form part of the design aesthetic. Whether this is in a private home or in a hospitality setting, this comfortable chair is easy to move about and will be a welcome addition to any table it finds itself at.

View their full range at their Strand (Western Cape) or Parkhurst (Gauteng) showrooms.

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