It’s time to gear up your living spaces for winter. We share some ideas for taking the bite out of the colder months.

Light-filled, open-plan living areas are ideal for balmy summers, but in winter, we long for warm, snug rooms.

Fire starter

Nothing beats a toasty fire. But on the downside, it can be a hassle to clean a wood-burning fireplace. Thanks to new, trendsetting designs, clean-burning and fuel-efficient flueless and flued fireplaces will take the fuss out of staying warm this winter. It’s a great investment, and will create warmth and ambience for years to come.

For a super-sleek look, opt for an angular, multifaceted shape to create a sculptural focal point in your living room, or go for an old-school effect with modern functionality.

Tip: For a modern option, choose a gas or biofuel design that is both environmentally friendly and super-stylish, and add fireglass and pebbles for an elegant final touch.

Layers of luxe

Looking to add instant winter appeal to your living room? Layer warm, plush throws over your sofas. Be bold and include different-textured fabrics, or even a country-style sheepskin for a manor-house look. Plaids in cinnamon hues will raise the barometer, especially when teamed with country-style knitted throws.

Consider swapping your light, airy unlined curtains with lined ones; they will offer an extra layer of protection against the cold.

Tip: For warmth underfoot, add rugs and durries to high-traffic areas. Even your kitchen can benefit from a stylish, graphic rug.

Let there be light

Take your cue from European homes and treat your living spaces to layers of task and ambient lighting. Consider different combinations of warm lighting, such as pendants, wall sconces, wall and desk lamps, for a winter glow. Create a warm, inviting reading nook to enjoy long winter’s evenings.