From cheery green and Delft blue to cubist-inspired primaries and modern monochrome, be inspired by the latest colour trends.

The look: Big, bold pattern
Colour palette: Green
Large, over-the-top greenery-inspired motifs are not for the faint-hearted – especially when applied to a double-volume wall and landing. The key is point and counterpoint. Here, an all-white Duco-finish kitchen and natural flooring temper the jungle of green palm trees.

Image: DelightFULL

Colour palette: Delft blue
Mosaic-style patterns are as popular as ever, and have evolved into more adventurous applications. Here, the repetitive pattern in a Delft-and-white colourway makes a striking statement as a wall finish. To create a cool, calm space, the seamless repeat print is offset by the clean-lined furniture and finishes.

Image: Arthouse

Ideas to inspire:
Large-scale paintings are an artistic alternative to wallpaper.
Give your mantelpiece a decorative boost with an oversized painting. This Jackson Pollock-inspired artwork blends rich, russet colour and abstract pattern, while subtle gold brushstrokes introduce the elemental colour of the moment.

Image: DelightFULL

The combination of sea and sand-inspired colours are on-trend.

Image: iDecorate

Black-and-white makes the ultimate graphic statement. Here, a monochrome print featuring a dramatic interplay of positive and negative space enjoys pride of place.

Image: iDecorate

The look: Cubist with a twist
Colour palette: Complementary and supplementary hues
Piet Mondrian-inspired colour-blocking is one of the hottest interior trends. The idea is to use bold splashes of geometric colour, rather than stripes or patterns. You can either play around with classic colour combos or opt for fashion-forward unexpected bedfellows. To create a happy medium, use one bright, one bold and one neutral colour.

Ideas to inspire:

Be bold and add furniture in popping primary colours.

Image: Covet House

Primary colours can be overwhelming – especially in small spaces. Mix and match pastel shades for a subtler base palette.

Image: hhaus

For something subtler, add a statement rug and accessories to get the look.

Image: DelightFULL

In this loft-style apartment, blue and yellow, mixed with Art Deco-inspired furniture, create an eclectic, yet chic look.

Image: iDecorate

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Pic credits: Arthouse, Covet House, DelightFULL, iDecorate