AMERICAN shutters®, a leading South African shutter specialist, shares the three most important elements to consider when choosing a security shutter – aesthetics, security and durability.

Aesthetics – most security shutters these days are installed internally

  1. Take note of the quality of the finish. A more refined finish similar to the finish of a timber shutter is better suited for interior applications than a glossy hard finish normally associated with metal.
  2. Most security shutter designs have a visible external bar connecting all the louvres. AMERICAN shutters® has done away with visible bars and refined its shutters with an internal gear mechanism hidden in the structure.
  3. Look for overlapping shutter panels and tight-fitting louvres because they provide a streamlined neat appearance, good privacy and extra security.

Security features

  1. Are the hinges, top tracks and bottom channels tamper-proof?
  2. Choose strip-proof locks with a double throw locking up and down with one action.
  3. Are the bolt throws sufficiently long?
  4. Can the shutters be provided with double-sided locks for external access doors?
  5. Check the strength and robustness of the shutter assembly.


  1. Are the shutters manufactured from a good-quality powder-coated aluminium?
  2. Are the fixings like screws and bolts manufactured from non-corrosive materials like stainless steel?
  3. Are the hinges manufactured from non-corrosive materials like aluminium?