Courtyard gardens are protected against the elements, which makes them ideal for alfresco living. These versatile spaces are the ultimate “chill rooms” where you can enjoy some me-time or entertain friends in an intimate setting. Add your personal style stamp with comfortable furniture and on-trend accessories.

Group effort

Planters brimming with layers of lush foliage and blooms are the mainstay of any courtyard garden. When crafting your urban oasis, consider different-sized planters to create points of interest. Group three or more planters filled with small trees, shrubs and lower-growing perennials, to create a pulled-together look.

Tip: Make sure your planters have drainage holes. If not, drill holes in the bottom of the container, so that the plants don’t get wet feet.

Image: MiaFleur

Blurring the boundaries

Dress your outdoor space as you would interiors, by introducing on-trend accessories such as mirrors, rugs and ornate seating.

An outdoor mirror is a great way to add depth and dimension to a small courtyard. Just as in the home, mirrors create a feeling of space and light. Use it as a focal point to make the space appear larger, or tuck it away among climbing greenery for a “secret garden” look.

Tip: To reduce glare, opt for mirrors that are specifically designed for outdoor spaces.

Image: MiaFleur

Upwardly mobile

With courtyard gardens, space usually comes at a premium. Expand your garden upwards instead of outwards, by introducing a plant stand or small, modular vertical garden. For a lush, country look, clad your walls with climbers.

Tip: Most climbers need a structure, such as a trellis, to latch onto.

Image: MiaFleur

Light the way

Add some drama to your courtyard garden with layers of ambient lighting. Cast a warm, intimate glow by mixing permanent fixtures such as LED strip lights and exposed bulbs with lanterns.

Tip: Looking for a quick fix to jazz up a bland courtyard? Adorn low-growing shrubs with fairy lights, to create a romantic setting.

Image: Lights4Fun

Pic credits: Lights4Fun, MiaFleur